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The Origin of CAT and LIFE

Origin: Having a cat is one of the best things in life.
There is nothing but CAT and LIFE – life with cats.
CAT and LIFE is located at No.41, Tianshui Rd, and we are all about cat and life.

CAT and LIFE opening hours: 12:00~20:00 daily
Cat's study room on 2F may sometimes be closed to the public due to special events/seminars. Scheduled time for all special events will be posted on our website, PLURK, and Facebook.

Our Vision
Animal adoption instead of purchasing
Here at CAT and LIFE, we do not sell animals. We strongly encourage pet adoption over buying a pet, especially under some unacceptably poor breeding farm conditions in Taiwan.

A greater concept of pet ownership
Having a pet is more than merely providing the animal with food and space. We hope that CAT and LIFE will serve as an information exchange center where knowledge and in depth information about pets' welfare, health issues, and training tips could be shared and spread.

CAT and LIFE is proud to support local artists.
Aside from our collection of fine foreign creative pet merchandises, we are looking forward to partner up with local artists and include more Taiwanese designed pet goods in our shop.

We promote a harmonious relationship between us and animals

Our goal is to achieve a commonly better life quality with our cats!

CAT and LIFE location
Address: No.41, Tianshui Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan

Find CAT and LIFE on map

MRT: within 10 to 15mins of walking distance from MRT Zhongshan station. Please refer to (link) for directions.
Bus: we are about 2mins walking distance from Jiancheng Circle Station.

Car/Motorcycle: Tianshui Rd. is a one way street, hence It is recommended to take Chungching North Rd. and make a right turn on Tianshui Rd. to get here. Or you may take Nan-Jin West. Rd. and make a right on Huating St., we are at the intersection of Huating St. and Tianshui Rd.. Please be noted that there are less public parking spaces for car than for motorcycle.

Contact Us:
Address:No.41, Tianshui Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan

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