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The Origin of CAT and LIFE

The Origin of Cat's Study Room
When we first started to send cats away for adoption at Pet's Dream Park, we immediately found out the two major reasons for adopters to return their adopted cats prior to the adoption. The first major reason was allergy; many people did not know they were allergic to cat. Second reason was that the adopters could not tolerate cat's furniture scratching behavior. We realized we needed a space which allows future adopters to interact freely with cats for an extended period of time, before they have made up their mind. Hence the idea of Cat's Study Room was created.

There are currently 12 cats waiting for adoption at the Cat's Study Room. If you are allergic to cats, you will for sure feel it here in the Cat's Study Room. You would then know if it is right for you to adopt a cat. Don't feel bad if you are allergic to cats, you can always come and play with them here at the Cat's Study Room.

We've placed 2 brand new sofas in the study room, so visitors can have an understanding of what cats may do to furniture. There are cats that can be taught to not destroy things at home, but it is hard to tell if the adopter is a good teacher or if the cat is a good learner. So take a good look at the 2 sofas in the study room, then decided if you and your family can accept it.

Cat's Study Room is open to everyone, so more potential adopters may have a chance to interact freely with cats. We hope to successfully run Cat's Study Room entirely through the support of Cat hotel on the 3rd floor and the Cat Store on the 1st floor.

What is Cat's Study Room?

  • Cat's Study Room is a free, opened to public space for people to interact freely with cats during opening hours. Please remember to wash your hands before playing with cats.
  • We have a collection of books on animal related topics here in Cat's Study Room. You may enjoy reading time with cats surrounding you.
  • WI-FI is provided at the Cat's Study Room (free for now).
  • All cats in Cat's Study Room are waiting for a chance to be adopted. Most of the cats came from the street; your interaction with them may help them improve their social skills. (cat adoption information)
  • Cat's Study Room also serves as an information exchange center; we will hold special events to discuss on cat related topics from time to time.
  • We hope that Cat's Study Room would become a space for the public (especially for children) to learn about how to respect and be friendly to cats.

Cat's Study Room is not a café
We do sell bottled beverages on the 1st floor, and you are welcomed to bring your own bottled beverage (all beverage must be bottled), but please DO NOT bring any food to the study room.

Rules of Cat’s Study Room

  • Please avoid using flash light on cats, and try carefully not to disturb them while taking their pictures.  Otherwise it is welcomed to take photos for cats waiting for adoption in the study room, and feel free to post the pictures/cat info on the internet.
  • Speak softly and move gently.
  • Please to not feed the cats.
  • Please do not disturb cats if you see them sleeping or hiding in a corner.
  • Please inform our staff immediately if you suspect there might be something wrong with a cat.
  • Our collection of books is only for guests to read in the study room.  Please do not leave with any study room’s book or object.
  • If you are interested in adopting a cat in the study room, please do contact our staff.

Our collection of books


Cats for Adoption


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