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The Origin of CAT and LIFE





Hardware Facilities
Different from the traditional cages used commonly by pet stores and vet clinics, CAT and LIFE's standard guest suite is roughly about 100W*180D*210H (in cm) in size. Sunlight reaches to every guest suite during daytime; all of our guests could enjoy enough sunlight without having to leave their suite. Not only our guests could stretch all they want in our spacious rooms, generous amount of space also helps to keep the water, food, and cat sand apart for better hygiene.

To ensure a safe, fun and comfortable stay for our guests, we use only hand crafted, playful cat furniture for our guest suites. Our double deck bed is built with pine wood, reinforced glass, and aluminum parts. Pine's fragile fiber structure makes it perfectly soft for our guests to scratch freely and safely on.

CAT and LIFE cares about providing our guests with clean and safe drinking water. Not only that we have a 3M high-end water filtering system installed, we also took the extra effort to replace our hotel building's old water pipes with a brand new water piping system. Our guest suite area is under 24hrs central AC and air-purifying control, the temperature is set at 24℃~27℃, and humidity is kept under 70% always. (Humidity above 70% may cause diarrhea and skin irritation in cats.)

For each suite, we have set up an individual webcam. As long as there's internet connection, you may always see your pet online through a laptop, or most of the 3G handheld device.(app needed for ANDROID and IOS devices)

Our online webcam system supports: Windows+IE(Mac OSX and non-IE browser is currently not compatible.), Android device, IOS devices, some mobile phone with Java support.(App needed for ANDROID, IOS, and other mobile devices.) If online webcam viewing is one of the major reasons for you to board your pet here, we strongly suggest you to test the system out 1st on your device. We will happily assist you on setting up the app if help was ever needed.

Management For Cat Boarding
Meals and or snacks are provided with specific feeding instructions on customer's request. Asides from routine room clean ups, every item that will be reused will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized by UV and disinfectant after check-out. We do respect our guests' privacy; our staff will interact and play with our guest cats only if they wish to.

Please inform us when you check in, if you would like to receive e-mails or text messages regarding your pet's health or other status. You are also welcomed to contact us during your pet's stay if you have any questions or if you simply wish to know how your pet is doing.

Requirements For Cat Boarding

  1. Frequent change of environment may be stressful for cats; hence we only provide service for guests who wish to stay for 2 or more nights. We do not provide short term pet day care service for now.
  2. Please carry vaccine papers when you check-in your cat for boarding. (3 in 1 or other core vaccine papers including Panleukopenia , Feline Calici Viral Diesease , and Feline Rhinotracheitis , all vaccines must still be in effect.) We do not accept cats within their 1st week of vaccination. Their body is still busy building up new antibodies; hence they are more vulnerable to diseases during this period of time.
    Any cat found with fleas and/or ticks, or worms in their feces will be treated immediately (medical expenses will be charged), or the owner may choose to take the cat home.
  3. To prevent infections or any post-surgical complications, we are unable to accept cats that have just been neutered within 7days, nor wounded cats with stiches not yet removed.
  4. In order to provide a calm environment for every guest, we do not accept cats that are in heat.

Procedure For Cat Boarding:

  1. Reservations must be made at least 1 day prior to boarding your cat.
  2. Our daily check-in/out hours are 12:00~20:00
  3. Please bring the original copy of your cat's vaccine papers with you. Or you may provide an original copy of proof from your vet clinic. This is a requirement for cat boarding. (Click here to download a form.)
  4. Sudden introduction of new food may cause digestive system discomfort for cats. Please prepare enough food for your pet's stay.
  5. CAT and LIFE uses common mineral cat litter, if your cat uses specific type of litter/litter box only, please provide us with your own cat litter and or litter box.
  6. We suggest you bring one or more of your cat's favorite "personal" item (such as a cushion, a toy, or even your worn clothes) to check-in with your cat. Familiar smell may help to relax a cat in a strange environment.
  7. Please remember to bring a copy of completed application form (download) when you check-in your cat.

Fees For Cat Boarding



price / day


1 cat


2 cats


3 cats


Family Room


price / day


1 cat


2 cats


3 cats


4 cats 1300/day
5 cats 1300/day



price / day


1 cat


2~7 cats


Grande Suite(v6)


price / days


1 cat


2~8 cats


DOWNLOAD - Registration Form For Pet Boarding


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