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The Origin of CAT and LIFE

Welcome to CAT and LIFE online video station, our online video service is currently free of charge.

This site is for mobile devices (iOS, Android, JAVA 3G phones). If you are using a PC (WINDOWS+IE), please click here.

Cellphone Tips:
1. We suggest using 3G devices for viewing our online webcam. Internet rates depend on your phone service provider, so please check with your service provider for your internet rates.
2. If you have any problem setting up the software on your phone, please take your device with you when you check-in your cat, and we will guide your through the steps.

For iOS device& Android devices
1. Download "averdigi" from the Market / APP STORE and install the app.
2. Run the app and select "Addressbook", click on the "+" to add a server.
3. Add server NAME: CATnLIFE (this blank is customisable), IP:, Port:5550, ID and password, then click on SAVE.
4. Return to Addressbook, then select the newly added server, and click on DONE on the right upper corner to connect.
5. Select a room you wish to view. (e.g. room301=camera01, 312=camera12)

For Windows Phone
1. Download and install PDA Viewer.
2. Set up the server and account/password, then choose the camera you wish to view.

For JAVA supported devices
1. Download and install JAVA-Viewer software:
On your cellphone browser, go to, download and install JAVA-Viewer on your device. (Please refer to your device's user guide for software installation methods.)
2. Using the JAVA-Viewer to connect and view webcam online.
- Start the JAVA-Viewer. (Please refer to your device's user guide for tips on how to run software.)
- Enter server IP:
- Enter port: 5550
- Enter user ID and password
- Go to Functions and select Connect
- Under Catalog/Directory, select the camera number you wish to view

If you can't use the webcam no matter how you try, please check to see:
1. If your phone supports our online video system
2. If your phone service supports port 5550. (Please check with your service provider.)


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