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The Origin of CAT and LIFE

Welcome to CAT and LIFE's online video station

Please inform us before checking-in your cat, if you wish to use our webcam system. We will gladly assist you to make sure if it works for you, prior to the actual boarding. If you have a mobile device that you wish to connect with our online webcam, please do bring it in when you check in your cat, we will guide you through the setups.

This site works for Window+IE, if you are using an iOS, Android or WP, or a JAVA supported handheld device, please visit here for operation instructions.

To view on Windows+IE
If this is your first time visiting our online video station, your PC may start to auto-install ActiveX, if it has not been installed already. (This step may take a few minutes to complete.)

If you have already installed ActiveX on your system, please jump to Step 3 directly.

How To Get Started

Step 1.
Click on the link above or the website address below, then type in the webcam server ip You will see the window as shown below.


Step 2.
If you have not yet installed ActiveX ( on your system, please do so by following IE's ActiveX installing instructions.



Step 3.
You are now taken to the account/password screen. Enter your account/password. Select your internet connection type (usually 514K or 64K/modem) and the setting is done.
Entering the viewing mode as shown in the figure below:


Double click on a cam-view to enlarge it to full screen.



Problem resolving

  • If you see a system message saying「使用者名稱或密碼錯誤或伺服器端正在忙碌,請再試一次或稍後再試!」 "username or password incorrect or server is busy, please try again or try later!", it is usually due to a wrong account name or password. Please call us, and we will help you reset the system.

  • Online video relies on port5550 to work. If your PC has a firewall or running anti-virus software, you may experience difficulties entering the video screen. In this case, please turn on port5550 (or allow IE to use port5550).

  • If you still have any problems with the online video, please contact us by phone or through email, we will be glad to assist you.



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